MyoFascial Release

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What is MyoFascial Release?

MyoFascial Release (MFR) is a comprehensive physical hands on therapy, used to effectively treat and rehabilitate soft tissue, and fascial aches, pains, tension and restriction. 

MyoFascia is a term that basically means the connective tissue (fascia) of the muscle (Myo). Muscles are what provide us with the ability and power to move and apply posture for the body.  MFR is thus used to diminish restrictions, tension and adhesions within the MyoFascia in order to renew balance and function. 


MyoFascial Release is applied on dry skin with no oils or lotions, so that the therapists hands can sink into the body to feel the  deeper tissues without slipping or gliding. Using a slow and sustained pressure the therapist holds and stretches directly on your skin. These sustained techniques allow for body wide change and tissue re-organisation.  

What to expect during the treatment

When we first meet, I will begin with a consultation. This involves having a chat about your presenting issue(s) and your medical history, so that I can build a picture fo what may be causing your discomfort. 

I will then do a full body visual assessment of you standing and lying down and from this I will put a treatment plan together. I will discuss this with you as I go along and we will work together to try to target the cause fo the pain/discomfort not just the symptoms. 

When treating you I am likely to work on the area that it's giving you pain, but also other areas of the body, which may not seem obvious to treat. For example: pain in your shoulder may have started because you are using your body in a specific way, to compensate for an old hip issue. 

MyoFascial Release is a relatively gentle yet effective treatment. I will place my hands on you with a gentle presence but firm enough for you to feel me. I may then be static for up 5 mins, "listening"with my hands, using the skill of feeling different layers and structures. This is the art of kinaesthetic touch. Movement may occur during the treatment, from my hands or your body; is dependant on how responsive the body is being to the treatment. With some of the techniques you may feel a pulling sensation, or even a gentle burning sensation. However most of the time, it feels intensely relaxing and warming. 

How will you feel

Can MyoFascial Release help you?

MyoFascial Release can help physical and emotional strains in the body, and due to its gentle nature it is a suitable treatment for those in great pain. 

MFR can help with: 

Muscle aches and pains 

Muscle injuries 




Back pain 

Jaw pain - particularly caused by teeth grinding 

Pelvic Floor Issues 



Chronic conditions 

And so much more, if you are unsure MFR is for you please contact Hannah and she will happily help you with your enquiry

Cost & Timings 

MyoFascial Release treatments can vary on timing, depending on the needs of the individual. For the initial treatment I recommend an hour and half appointment, to allow for consultation and assessment time. I generally then recommend 1 hour sessions, however like I said it depends on the individual - I will create a plan with you. 

Price: All Myofascial Sessions Cost £45