What is a facial?

A facial is a gentle massage applied to the face and scalp. Aiming to aid relaxation, rejuvenate the skin and reduce any tension being held in the muscles of the face. 

What to expect during the treatment.

Hannah has trained in Indian Face Massage, Facial Reflexology and Fascia Facial, so when providing a facia treatment she will combine elements from all three approaches. 

Predominately a facial is intensely relaxing, but it also helps rejuvenate the skin and release tension, being held in many muscles of the face. 

When having the treatment, Hannah will use light oils and relax the muscles of your face and scalp. Then she will focus on tension she comes across while treating. Also working on pressure points linking to the rest of the body and enhancing general wellbeing. 

How can a facial help you?

First and fore most, facials are intensely relaxing and can really help with "switching off"added to this facials can help with:


Tension Headaches

Jaw Pain 

TMJ Disorder 

Teeth clenching/grinding 

Nerve pain in the face

Cost and Timings

A facial treatment in total lasts 1 hour

and the cost of a facial is £30