Guidelines, regarding returning to treatments

Due to the cover-19 pandemic I am putting into place guidelines provided by the government. Please ensure you read all points, before attending your appointment. 

  •   Please contact me if you have experienced any covid-19 symptoms in the 14 days, leading up to your appointment to rearrange it.      


  • I am also asking that you wait at least 7 days post receiving the vaccine before having a treatment, to be safe regarding potential side effects. 

  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time 

  • Alliance is going to be keeping a closed door policy for the time being. So upon arrival please ring the door bell and someone will greet you at the door ( please allow time for us to get down the stairs!) 

  • A distance will be observed when you enter, you will then be asked to sanitise your hands. 

  • When getting up the first flight of stairs, you will have your temperature taken and logged and another risk assessment will be completed 

  • You will also be asked to sign in for our own track and trace and to complete a disclaimer form - one for the centre and one for my own records. 

  • You will then be asked to wait in our new waiting area if your therapist is not ready. You are not to enter a treatment room or the 2nd floor without your therapist 

  • We are asking that you do not bring anything unnecessary with you to the appointment, including shopping bags. 

  • As your therapist I will be sanitising the whole room between treatments

  • I will be wearing a face shield for PPE and changing my clothes between each treatment. 

  • It is mandatory for you to wear face mask, please ensure you have one on when you arrive.

  • Should you the client become aware of any the symptoms of Coronavirus within 72 hours of attending the Centre, you must inform me. You will be advised to get tested and must let me your therapist, know the result of the test.

Thank you for reading these guidelines and having understanding during these difficult times.