Hannah Freimanis MFHT

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Hannah first trained in Holistic Therapies in 2002, beginning with Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Nutritional Advice. She went onto become a child specialist in Reflexology and gradually developing her skills as a therapist. In 2006 Hannah trained as a Remedial Massage therapist and found her passion for working with the muscular system. In the same year she set up a holistic therapy centre with her mother, Cheryl Hodgson, in Carmarthen, creating a space that you can feel comfortable and trust that the therapist is fully qualified and knowledgeable; with the benefit of, under one roof there should be the therapy for you whatever your needs. The Alliance Therapy Centre is now the biggest therapy centre in Carmarthen and hosts a large number of complementary and alternative therapists. 

From the beginning of the therapy centre Hannah has built up a busy clinic and feels very passionately about her work. In 2011 Hannah went on to train as a level 4 Sports Massage therapist, this further enhanced her skills and knowledge in the field of deep tissue massage. 

Hannah has continued working around having two children, who also like to keep her very busy. In 2017 began teaching for the West Shires School of Complementary Therapies, tutoring in the subjects of Swedish Massage, Sports Massage and Reflexology. Hannah thoroughly enjoys teaching and passing on her passion to students and seeing them grow into therapists themselves - its very rewarding. 

Currently Hannah is training in an Advanced Clinical Diploma in Intergrated Myofascial Release with Ruth Duncan; she has a keen interest in fascia work and the effects the fascia system has on peoples health.